Bulk E-Mail policies and procedures

Bulk E-Mail policies and procedures

Tela, Inc (Tela) strives to maintain the highest level of Internet service quality and performance. In order to provide best email delivery service, certain procedures must be followed in order to assure delivery of all valid email.

We define bulk email as a similar or identical email message that is delivered to 50 or more email addresses in a single day.

Bulk mail is often problematic because third party sites or filtering services may impose delivery restrictions based on the volume, type, or characteristics of email.

Therefore our policy is that all bulk email processed by our servers must follow the following procedures:

  1. All bulk email recipient addresses must be "opt-in" - the person's email address must be obtained with their permission and explicit desire to receive the bulk mail. A "double opt-in" with confirmation is suggested to verify the email address has not been fraudulently added to the mailing list.

  2. All bulk email must have an email return address (also known as the sender or "Envelope-From" address ) that either is received by a person or an automated system that will handle removal/unsubscribe/opt-out requests.
    The return address must be an address within your domain and not be forwarded to another mailbox outside your domain.
    It is suggested that the reply-to: address be used for responses to the topic of the email, and the from: address be used to handle bounces. This is because some email servers send the bounces to the wrong adress (From: instead of Sender)

    We strongly recommend that you:
    • Use a dedicated mailbox for returned messages and promptly act upon any bounces or unsubscribe requests.
    • Use the reply-to address to allow the recipient to respond to the topic of the email.

  3. Returned mail ("bounces") must be removed from future mailings unless there is obvious information regarding the email address that indicates it is a transient delivery failure.

  4. Any recipients who wish to be removed from bulk mail must be removed from the list promptly. Any recipients who report your bulk mail as SPAM to their provider must be removed from the mailing list promptly upon your notification by Tela.

  5. All bulk email must contain the name, postal address, and contact information for the organization that is sending the mail. It is strongly recommended that email opt-out instructions be placed in the email.

  6. You are responsible for conforming to the CAN-SPAM act (Summary; also see http://www.spamlaws.com/federal/can-spam.shtml) as well as any applicable state and federal laws.

  7. ALL EMAILS of 100 or more addresses MUST be processed by our bulk mail server: smtpout2.tela.com. This server is configured to deliver outbound email at a smooth rate, avoiding large traffic spikes that can cause third party deferral and delays of normal priority email.
    Please configure your email system to deliver BULK EMAIL using the server SMTPOUT2.TELA.COM. We may also delay processing of large bulk email batches until after peak business hours.

  8. We suggest using an email list management system to assist in these procedures. We offer several email list management solutions. Please contact info@tela.com for more information.

  9. Attempts to circumvent these procedures may result in termination or suspension of email service.

  10. If you use a third-party mailing service, please contact us and let us know the IP addresses of the outbound email servers.

  11. We reserve the right to impose a surcharge for very high volume of bulk email that is sent. We will provide 1 month notice prior to any such policies.

Failure to comply with these procedures may result in third party action against Tela or third party imposition of delays and policies that are detrimental to delivery of all Tela customer email.

Therefore in order to implement our policy of best delivery of all customer email, we must implement the above policy. Failure to comply with the above policy may result in Tela declining to accept your bulk email and/or delaying your email until such conditions are met.

We would be glad to work with you to assist in your email campaigns.

Please contact us if you have further questions.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for futher information.

Updated 13-may-21