Email Address Domain Changes



Dear Tela Customer,

We announced in April 2018 important upcoming service changes related to email for Tela customers with email addresses using the "" domain name.

Some of the changes we are making to our company email infrastructure and customer support system necessitates that we will be discontinuing customer email addresses using the "" domain on December 31, 2018. We understand that this will have a significant impact on our loyal customers who have been using the email domain for a long time, in some cases over 20 years. We are not making this decision lightly and are planning to make this transition as smooth as possible and give you as much time as possible to change any online accounts that use the domain name.

This does not affect any customers using a personal, family, or corporate domain name different than This also does not affect any of the Tela company addresses such as and

This notice was sent to your email address because your email account will be affected by this change.

We offer the following options for customers using the domain name for their email:

  1. Change your email address from to All of your email held on our servers will be transferred over to your new account and your password will not change.

  2. Register a new domain name for your business (such as or family (such as and use the new email domain name in place of

    If you would like to change to a custom domain name for your company, your family, or yourself, you may register a custom domain name, such as "" or "". Then you may have any email address with the custom domain, such as
    We will include 1 year of email service at no charge for 2019 if you select this option. The cost for domain registration is $20 per year through Tela. You will be invoiced $20 for an annual domain renewal each year prior to the anniversary date of your domain registration. You may purchase a domain name with Tela or with any other domain registrar. To proceed with this option, go to and enter your desired domain name or keywords in the domain name search box and purchase your desired domain name (or contact us if you are undecided on a domain name). Then contact us to establish your new email account domain name.

    This option will allow you to have a permanent email address (as long as you maintain an active domain registration) and is portable to other providers. This option is recommended for business customers who utilize Tela for their primary email addresses.

  3. If you no longer plan to use your email address after December 31, 2018, your email account will be deleted.

Please indicate your preference by filling out this form by SEPTEMBER 15, 2018.


Email Address:
Email address is required.Invalid email address format. Be sure to include
Email sent to "" will automatically forward to "" until Dec 31, 2018. Your email password will remain the same. After Dec 31, 2018, email will no longer be forwarded and your email address will be deleted.

I want to use a new domain name. I will contact Tela once I have selected a new domain name.

I will not use my tela email box anymore after Dec 31 2018. I understand all mail will be deleted and this email box will no longer be available after Dec 31 2018.
Please select a option.

If you choose option 1, we will activate your address. In order to change your email program to use the new address, edit your email account settings to change your email address from "" to "".
You will need to update all uses of your email address to by December 31, 2018.

If you choose option 1 or 2, you will need to contact ALL parties that send you email at the domain name to update your email address prior to December 31, 2018.

This may take some time and we encourage customers to begin this process as soon as possible. You may have accounts with different online services, including financial institutions, infrequently used services, and corporations that send you bills or other correspondence.

You may wish to set an autoresponder on your email address directing people to use your new email address. You may also want to add this information to your signature. Please log in to then click on 'webmail pro' to access your online account. Click 'settings' then 'email accounts' to set your autoresponder information.

Please let us know if you are not using your email address prior to January 1 and we will close out your mailbox.
All accounts that have not been used in the last 6 months prior to this notice will be closed on September 30, 2018.

Please let us know which option you wish to exercise or if you have any questions.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to continuing to serve your internet needs.

Mike Selner
Tela Inc


  1. Clarification on email address changes:
    The example shown above "" changes to "". The part that will change is the part AFTER the @ symbol. So if your email address is currently "", your new email address will be "". (Email addresses are NOT case sensitive.).
    If you wish to use a different email address part BEFORE the @ symbol, such as "", please contact us to make email address changes.

  2. Clarification on timeline:
    APRIL 10, 2018 - New email addresses are available.
    SEPTEMBER 30, 2018 - Any email addresses ending in which have not been signed in to in 6 months (Since December 1, 2017) have been CLOSED.
    SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 - Notify Tela of your intention to change your email address or delete your email address as of December 31, 2018.
    SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 - Add your autoresponder information on your address to let people know that your address will be changing.
    DECEMBER 31, 2018 - Last day that addresses will be available. After this date, ALL CUSTOMER ADDRESSES WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE AND CANNOT RECEIVE EMAIL.

  3. Need Assistance:
    If you need assistance accessing your or email address, or other questions about this change, please contact or call us at 651.489.4340.

  4. Auto reply options:
    You can set up an auto-reply message to alert people sending you email to your address that your email address has changed. Please log in to then click on 'webmail pro' to set up your auto reply message.

    Suggested auto-reply message:

    Your email message has been received and forwarded to my new address.
    As of January 1, 2018, my email address '''' will no longer be operational and you will only be able to reach me at ''''.
    Please update your address book and other records to reflect my new email address.
    Thank You