Mailguard Spam and Virus Filtering

Tela has introduced a new junk email (spam) filtering system called Mailguard.

Mailguard examines your incoming email and classifies it into one of the following categories:

"Good" email is delivered to your inbox as usual. Mailguard allows you to train the filter when a piece of spam gets through, by reporting it from your "presumed good" cache - a collection of recent emails that Mailguard considered to be good email.

Incoming email that is suspected to contain junk mail, viruses, or other potentially dangerous email is quarantined, and Mailguard will allow you to rescued the email and report the classification mistake to the email administrator. The message will then be sent to your inbox.

If you rescue a message from the "Suspected Spam" quarantine, the sender will automatically be placed on your whitelist (also known as "Safe Senders" list), so email from the same sending address will not be blocked in the future.

Mailguard uses a combination of keyword/phrase rules, real-time blacklist rules, antispam and antivirus message databases and examination of the structure of the email message in order to determine if the message is suspected spam. Mailguard uses thes rules to assign a numeric score to the email message — the higher the score, the greater the likelihood that the message is spam.

You can configure your Mailguard settings to set the desired level of filtering for your account. You can also set up personal and company-wide whitelisted and blacklisted senders.

Mailguard will permanently delete messages from your "Unconfirmed Presumed Good" cache after 5 days. Mailguard will permanently delete quarantined messages from any of the suspect email categories after 14 days.

The cost is $2.00 per month per mailbox.
Please contact us at for more information, or to add Mailguard to your email accounts.