EMail Services

E-Mail Service

Tela e-mail accounts may be accessed using POP, IMAP, or Webmail.
Each account provides up to 2GB email storage.


Mailing Lists (Listservs)

Automated mailing lists allow you to have private discussion groups or distribution lists via email. All mail sent to the list email address is sent to all of the members. List administration is handled automatically by mail list management software. You can add and remove list members via email. You can restrict the mailing list such that only the list adminstrator, only the list members, or anyone can send mail to the list members.

Service Setup Cost Monthly Cost
POP/IMAP/Webmail email accounts $n/c $5.00/ea mailbox
Email Aliases (additional addresses for an email account such as $n/c $n/c
Listserv mailing lists $50.00 $25.00/ea


Mailguard Antispam/Antivirus

Tela offers server-based Email SPAM and Virus filtering. Your Email is scanned automatically using our spam and virus filters before the email is placed in your mailbox. This solution does not require any software to be installed on your computer.

Mailguard works with our email service, or your own internal company email server. We will filter your mail before passing it to your SMTP server.

Tela recommends that you utilize an antivirus program on your computer or network server in addition to email antivirus to protect against other computer security threats.

More information about Tela's SPAM and Virus filtering service.

Service Setup Cost Monthly Cost
Mailguard Antispam/Antivirus $n/c $2.00/ea mailbox